2 hours

Online course

Workplace Violence Prevention

Our course teaches the end user to prevent violent encounters by understanding and identifying behavioral risk factors for violence, engaging crisis intervention and de-escalation techniques, immediate reporting of violent behavior and learning what to and to protect yourself should the worst case scenario, a mass shooting, occur. This course is not workplace specific. These tools and tactics can be applied to many situations, Better understanding the threats around you can create more confidence and better prepare you for an extremely stressful and scary event.

Course Description

This workplace violence prevention course covers topics such as how to identify potential signs of violence, preventative measures, de-escalation techniques, things that should be included in a workplace violence policy, and what to do during and after a critical incident occurs in your workplace.

  • 1.1 Overview
  • 2.1 Definition of Terms
  • 2.2 Statistics
  • 2.3 Things to Consider
  • 3.1 Behavioral Risk Indicators
  • 3.2 Reporting
  • 3.3 Possible Contributing Factors
  • 3.4 Prevention – What YOU can do
  • 4.1 De-Escalation of Violent Behavior
  • 5.1 Active Threat Response
  • 6.1 Post Incident Response
  • 7.1 Suggested Workplace Violence Policy Information
  • 7.1 Resources


  • Certificate of Completion
  • Sample Workplace Violence Prevention Policy


You will learn ways to better identify and prevent and protect yourself during violent encounters that have the potential to occur in your workplace.


There are no prerequisites for taking this course.