1 hours

Online course

Earthquake Preparedness

This course focuses on a set of measures you can take at the individual or business level to minimize the impact of an earthquake. Preparedness measures for an earthquake can range from securing heavy objects, structural modifications and storing supplies, to having insurance, an emergency kit, and evacuation plans.

Course Description

This course on Earthquake preparedness covers what to do in the event of an earthquake, what to expect during and after an earthquake and how to keep yourself safe.

  • 1.1 Overview
  • 1.2 Statistics
  • 2.1 Drop
  • 2.2 Cover
  • 2.3 Hold
  • 3.0 What to do after an earthquake
  • 3.1 Travel Considerations
  • 4.0 Survival Kit
  • 4.1 Survival Kit Contents
  • 5.0 Suggested Resources


  • Certificate of Completion

Take Aways

You will learn ways to prepare for and survive an earthquake situation.


There are no prerequisites for taking this course.