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We provide expert safety and crisis intervention training to public safety and private sector organizations. Our high-quality trainings reduces risk, promotes a safe work environment, and enhances knowledge and capabilities.

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Secure Measures, LLC is a Veteran Owned, Los Angeles, CA based Public Safety Training & Education firm that provides significant value to our clients by helping to identify and reduce risk, promote safe and healthy work environments and greatly enhance their ability to stabilize crisis & manage scenes.


How We Create a Resilient Business

Assessments/Audits Program Development

We Help You Identify Threats to Your Organization

Secure Measures partners with organizations to help identify potential threats, disrupts those on the pathway to violence, and reduces risks to a variety of entities such as schools, businesses and government entities.

Pandemic Preparedness & Response

We help businesses of all sizes identify risks they will face if not properly prepared for business disruptions like Covid-19.

Physical Security

We provide comprehensive evaluations of your current security levels and ensure you are aware of potential vulnerabilities so you can take action to keep people safe!

Workplace Violence Prevention

Incidents of violence cost employers time, money and brand impacts every year. We can evaluate your program against best practices to ensure you are doing all you can to prevent these terrible incidents from occurring.

Emergency Preparedness

We will assess your organizations ability to be resilient in the face of natural disasters and other threats and business disruptions.

Threat Assessment

We help you determine the credibility of threatening behavior and what you can do to protect yourself from those who would do harm.

Business Continuity

We evaluate your ability to recover and thrive from a variety of threats and business disruptions and provide recommendations on how to become more resilient and stay in business!


We can evaluate your current levels of digital security and ensure you are protected from the myriad of threats that face many organizations today.

Program Development

We Help You Manage Threats to Your Organization

Secure Measures collaborates with schools, businesses and government entities to help them put in place proactive programs and processes to prevent and mitigate potential threats, risks, and hazards that can have significant impacts to their business or organization.

Physical Security

We help you build a common sense and practical physical security plan for your organization that is based on the threats your organization faces, not some cookie cutter program.

Workplace Violence Prevention

We will help you build a comprehensive violence prevention program that will minimize incidents from occurring, comply with any legal requirements, help reduce your costs and your time spent on handling such incidents and prevent reputational damage to your brand.

Emergency Preparedness & Management

We will help you develop a comprehensive and customized hazard vulnerability assessment as well as emergency response and recovery plans for your business, so you have detailed playbook on how to respond to threats hazards and emergencies.

Threat Assessment

We have deep expertise in helping organization identify and mitigate threats. We will develop plans for your organization that will help you better identify threatening behavior, steps you can take to mitigate and prevent them and what to do in a worst-case scenario.

Public Safety/Mental Health

We work with law enforcement, fire and EMS agencies to develop and deploy crisis intervention response programs aimed to help those in mental health distress to get them the help they need

Business Continuity

We give you the tools and framework to build plans to better recover and thrive from a variety of threats and business disruptions that can impact your livelihood and your business!

Strategic Planning

We will facilitate engaging planning sessions with you and your team to help you define your mission, identify critical business goals and craft an action plan that will help you execute those goals and initiatives into tangible results for your business.


We Help Educate You on Threats to Your Organization

Secure Measures believes education and training is incredibly important to ensuring a productive workplace that is filled with engaged and happy employees. We have a number of in person and online distance learning courses to help maximize your organizations ability to educate employees in critical topics along with the flexibility to train on-demand.

Workplace Violence Prevention

We provide your organization with a comprehensive and interactive violence prevention training course that will help employees identify behavioral indicators of violence, conflict resolution, considerations and active threat response. This can be accomplished in person or online.

Emergency Preparedness & Management

We will help your team know what to do during natural disasters or other business disruptions, what supplies to have on hand and what to expect from first responders after a disaster. This can be accomplished in person or online.

Active Threat Response

We have been teaching organization for decades on how to respond to active threat/active shooter events. Knowing and training your team on the steps you can take in a worst-case scenario can prevent loss of life and tragedy

Veteran Culture Training for First Responders

We provide interactive training law enforcement, fire, EMS agencies and mental health professionals on Veteran & Military Culture, military structure, suicide prevention principles, crisis stabilization and scene management, scenario-based education and guest speakers with lived experiences and much more.

Veteran Mental Health Identification Training for First Responders

We provide engaging training to law enforcement, fire, EMS agencies and mental health professionals on Veteran mental health conditions, risk factors for suicide amongst the Veteran community, protective factors to prevent suicide amongst the Veteran community, lethal means, moral injury, scenario-based education and guest speakers with lived experiences to give course attendees


Our team has decades of leadership experience and can provide you or your team training and insights on how to be a leader. How to feal with conflict, how to motivate people and how to identify problems and different tactics and techniques to resolve them.

Client review

Los Angeles County Sheriffs Department

In the past eight (8) months, Dave has literally helped us change our entire approach to training about military culture and responses to veterans in crisis. His ideas and approach to building our new training program are insightful and perfectly designed to highly engage student participants (mostly cops and clinicians) of all learning types.

By the time of his retirement, Dave was providing vitally needed VMET support to LASD MET, LAPD MEU and over 40 other municipal city MET units in Southern California.

He was doing what nobody had envisioned in prior years and there were many proven successes – over 300 cases and multiple veterans in LA County are alive today due to VMET.

Dave has unparalleled tenacity, expertise and leadership in all matters that we are working on in LA County to implement new programs and mobile crisis response services to reach “at risk” veterans and veterans in crisis who might otherwise succumb to death by suicide without swift, effective interventions.

We are proud to work with Dave now as one of his clients, where Dave is helping us to improve deputy interactions with some of the most vulnerable veteran populations: the mentally ill and the homeless.

Lt John Gannon - LASD Mental Evaluation<br>Team - Commander


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For more than 27 years, our mission at Secure Measures has been keeping our clients “Prepared” for life’s threats, risks and hazards. We share our decades of innovative and real-world experience to help our clients transform their organizations to a culture of safety, security, operational efficiency and profitability. This one-word mission idea is the driving force in everything we do… think of it as our ‘why.’