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Los Angeles County Sheriffs Department

In the past eight (8) months, Dave has literally helped us change our entire approach to training about military culture and responses to veterans in crisis. His ideas and approach to building our new training program are insightful and perfectly designed to highly engage student participants (mostly cops and clinicians) of all learning types. 

By the time of his retirement, Dave was providing vitally needed VMET support to LASD MET, LAPD MEU and over 40 other municipal city MET units in Southern California. 

He was doing what nobody had envisioned in prior years and there were many proven successes – over 300 cases and multiple veterans in LA County are alive today due to VMET. 

Dave has unparalleled tenacity, expertise and leadership in all matters that we are working on in LA County to implement new programs and mobile crisis response services to reach “at risk” veterans and veterans in crisis who might otherwise succumb to death by suicide without swift, effective interventions.  

We are proud to work with Dave now as one of his clients, where Dave is helping us to improve deputy interactions with some of the most vulnerable veteran populations: the mentally ill and the homeless. 

Lt John Gannon - LASD Mental Evaluation
Team - Commander

Ovation TV

It is with great pride and not one breath of hesitation that I offer up this recommendation of the Secure Measures security consultancy and its principal, Dave Weiner.

Originally, we were referred to Dave by our IT consultant to help mitigate a very delicate boundary of social media/workplace postings that caused concern within the company.

In addition to stewarding us through the most considered approach, Dave also provided a comprehensive security assessment document to our team.

To do this in the most effective and native way, Dave really became one of us. He occupied space in our offices and became a part of the community there. This allowed him to objectively identify any security concerns that our employees either didn’t consider and/or were oblivious to.

However, it also allowed for Dave to build a rapport with our staff – which enabled him to share their mindset in a much more intimate way. This “human” input was critical in the customizing of the recommendations that would best serve our company and culture.

A wealth of information and experience himself, Dave delights in answering your questions – be they paramount or perhaps even seemingly frivolous in your own mind. They are not, and Dave makes you feel heard in that way.

Again I can’t provide higher praise for a professional in this field or who enthusiastically wishes to be of service. Any investment in his expertise would be wise and well-served.

Mindy D. Perrin - VP, Human Resources

Los Angeles County Department of Mental Health

Since starting Secure Measures, LLC after years of service in law enforcement, Dave has not changed his approach or demeanor in interacting with the public. It is rare to find an owner of an LLC who conducts himself as a public servant, passionately interested in lending his valuable experience first in his dealing with the veteran-serving community.

Dave embodies service first in every interaction I have witnessed either directly or indirectly with other veteran serving partners. I believe this to be attributed to a genuine desire to keep others safe.

Dave is a consistent presence in the veteran serving community who demonstrates his willingness to share his expertise and leadership in all matters that we are working on in LA County to implement new programs to reach “at risk” veterans who might otherwise succumb to death by suicide without real-time, effective interventions.

Dave has also demonstrated a desire to keep our staff in the community serving veterans safe through a creation of various trainings and making himself available to consult on all things related to risk mitigation and safety as it pertains to services being provided in the field or community.

Jim Zenner - Program Manager, VPAN

Together for the Good, Inc

Dave has become my go to person when it comes to strategically implementing policies and procedures to protect my organization.

Dave has proved over and over again his skills and work ethic are one to be admired and his personality matches his drive.

I personally and professionally recommend Dave with the utmost honor and respect to any organization to help them with all their needs.

Tawnya Bouma - Founder and CEO, Together for the Good, Inc

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