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Secure Measures, LLC is a Veteran Owned, Los Angeles, CA based Global Management Consulting firm

We provide significant value to clients by helping to identify and reduce risk, promote safe and healthy work environments and greatly enhance business resiliency and profitability.

Dave Weiner

CEO and Founder of Secure Measures

Our Story

Dave Weiner started his law enforcement career in the United States Air Force in 1993 as a military policeman.

As his career progressed, he worked a variety of assignments such as a patrol officer, field training officer, K-9 handler, Special Response Team, Training Coordinator and in supervisory positions over both Patrol and Investigations.

Mr. Weiner has served both military and civilian communities passionately for well over 27 years in military, law enforcement and corporate security service.

Mr. Weiner also has many years of senior leadership experience in law enforcement and corporate security. Holding executive level positions such as Director of Security and Asst Chief of Police, Mr Weiner successfully rose to the level of Regional Chief of Police of the US Department of Veteran Affairs Police in Long Beach Ca in 2014.

During his tenure, he worked collaboratively with agencies such as LASD MET, LAPD MEU and Long Beach Police Department MET to address Veteran related issues such as crisis intervention and Suicide Prevention. He created innovative police department programs to keep the communities in which he served safer.

Notably, he implemented a mental health outreach program for Veterans called VMET (Veteran Mental Evaluation Unit) and a Threat Management Unit to proactively prevent acts of violence in a healthcare setting that caters to the Veteran community. The VMET program has been adopted by the US Department of Veteran Affairs and is currently being rolled out as a pilot program at several major Veteran Affairs medical centers nationwide.

He holds a bachelor’s degree in Homeland Security and Emergency Management, is certified in Veteran Behavioral Health and is a Qualified Workplace Violence and Threat Specialist. He holds/has held Board or Advisory positions on:

  • US Veteran Affairs - Veteran Centered Oversight & Engagement Board
  • International Public Safety. Association | Mental Health Board 
  • Los Angeles County Sheriff Civilian Advisory Committee – Veterans
  • City of Los Angeles Mayors Challenge Committee to Prevent Veteran/Military Suicide
  • Argus Service Dog Foundation (provides service animals to disabled Veterans at no cost to the Veteran.)

Mr. Weiner has presented to many audiences on a great number of topics including; Veteran Cultural Competencies for First Responders, Veteran Culture for Community Providers, Veteran Mental Health and Suicide Prevention, Veteran Risk Management, Workplace Violence prevention, Threat Assessment, Emergency Preparedness and management, Leadership development, Interpersonal communication, Crime prevention and Active shooter response.

After working in law enforcement, Mr. Weiner founded and is CEO of Secure Measures, LLC, a Veteran Owned, Global Management Consulting firm based in Southern California.

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For more than 27 years, our mission at Secure Measures has been keeping our clients “Prepared” for life’s threats, risks and hazards. We share our decades of innovative and real-world experience to help our clients transform their organizations to a culture of safety, security, operational efficiency and profitability. This one-word mission idea is the driving force in everything we do… think of it as our ‘why.’