1 hour

Online course

Active Threat Preparedness

An active threat is defined as an individual or individuals who is/are actively engaged in killing or attempting to kill people. This can occur in any environment.

Course Description

This course is designed to help you prepare for and survive an active threat event. This course will describe what to do if you find yourself in an active threat event, how to recognize indicators of possible violence around you, and what to expect during and after an active threat event occurs. 

Students will learn:

  • 1. Developing a survival mindest during active shooter incidents
  • 2. Preparing for a critical incident
  • 3. Actions to take in active shooter situations
  • 4. Law enforcement response
  • 5. Steps to take when confronted by first responders
  • 6. Tips to stay safe

Duration: 30 Minutes


  • Certificate of Completion


You will learn ways to prepare for and survive an Active Threat situation.


There are no prerequisites for taking this course.