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Veteran Culture Training

We help civilian public and private sector organizations to better understand the Veteran community. From assessing Veterans in crisis and preventing suicide to hiring, retaining and engaging great Veteran employees that can bring, amongst other things, valuable leadership, team building and excellent organizational skills.

Cultural Competency Training

Secure Measures believes strongly in education and training. We have developed comprehensive and quality training with public and private sector organizations to educate first responders and mental health professionals on a wide variety of issues.

Our Basic and Intermediate Veteran Cultural Competency Training for First Responders is certified through California Peace Officer Standards and Training (CA P.O.S.T) and is offered to public safety and mental health agencies through our partnership with the Los Angeles County Sheriffs Department - Mental Evaluation Team.

In addition, all of our courses offer Continuing Education Units (CEU's) for mental health, social work and clinical professionals through our partnership with First Responder Wellness by Simple Recovery located in Newport Beach.

First Responder Wellness by Simple

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Client review

Los Angeles County Sheriffs Department

In the past eight (8) months, Dave has literally helped us change our entire approach to training about military culture and responses to veterans in crisis. His ideas and approach to building our new training program are insightful and perfectly designed to highly engage student participants (mostly cops and clinicians) of all learning types.

By the time of his retirement, Dave was providing vitally needed VMET support to LASD MET, LAPD MEU and over 40 other municipal city MET units in Southern California.

He was doing what nobody had envisioned in prior years and there were many proven successes – over 300 cases and multiple veterans in LA County are alive today due to VMET.

Dave has unparalleled tenacity, expertise and leadership in all matters that we are working on in LA County to implement new programs and mobile crisis response services to reach “at risk” veterans and veterans in crisis who might otherwise succumb to death by suicide without swift, effective interventions.

We are proud to work with Dave now as one of his clients, where Dave is helping us to improve deputy interactions with some of the most vulnerable veteran populations: the mentally ill and the homeless.

Lt John Gannon - LASD Mental Evaluation<br>Team - Commander