8 hours

Online course

Introduction to the Principles of Leadership

This course is designed to give an overview of leadership principles to new managers and supervisors.

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Course Description

This course on Leadership will cover the definition of leadership, what leadership is not, communication strategies, utilizing emotional intelligence and more!

  • 1.1 What Leadership Is not
  • 1.2 Communication – The Cornerstone
  • 1.3 Leadership Tools
  • 1.4 Managing Critical Incidents and Situations
  • 1.5 R-4 Communication Tool
  • 1.6 Tactful Communication
  • 1.7 Check Your Learning Scenarios


  • Certificate of Completion

Take Aways

Learners will walk away with a basic understanding of some of the skills that are needed to be cultivated to become a leader that people want to follow.


There are no prerequisites for this course.