2 hours

Online course

Introduction to the Principles of Leadership

This course is designed to give an overview of leadership principles to new managers and supervisors.

Course Description

This course on Leadership will cover the definition of leadership, what leadership is not, communication strategies, utilizing emotional intelligence and more!

  • 1.1 What Leadership Is not
  • 1.2 Communication – The Cornerstone
  • 1.3 Leadership Tools
  • 1.4 Managing Critical Incidents and Situations
  • 1.5 R-4 Communication Tool
  • 1.6 Tactful Communication
  • 1.7 Check Your Learning Scenarios


  • Certificate of Completion

Take Aways

Learners will walk away with a basic understanding of some of the skills that are needed to be cultivated to become a leader that people want to follow.


There are no prerequisites for this course.